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Patient communication in healthcare is unsafe.

Watch our short demo video to get a taste of why DocComs is different.

By clinicians, for clinicians.

Use an app built by the user

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Connect instantly with anyone, anywhere.

Separate your personal and professional life.

Search the DocComs directory to easily connect with colleagues and create automatic groups within and outside your organisation. From doctors to nurses, everyone can make referrals, create multi-disciplinary teams and co-ordinate patient care from their own smartphones. No need for personal contact details.

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Much more than simple chat.

Intuitive, AI driven comms. 

Emojis, voice calls - all content exchanged on DocComs is compliant with health data security requirements. Modern messaging standards with novel AI support. your daily clinical communications.

Create a rich patient media repository.

Image, video and document capture and sharing fully integrated.

No longer are clinical images backed up to your personal library. All captures by the DocComs Camera or uploads to DocComs are stored in the encrypted DocComs Media Library and can be associated with patient details for rapid retrieval.

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Real-time clinical updates.

Stay in the loop when required.

Only receive notifications when deemed urgent by the sender when off-shift with @ messaging. Rota always change - when starting your shift, indicate on DocComs your job role for the day to enable both users inside and outside your organisation to search and instantly reach the right person.

AI in DocComs

There are already too many distractions and complexities in healthcare.

Say 👋 to 


Your AI chatbot companian


No longer do you need to search multiple resources and institutional guidelines *. Ask a question by @ messaging DocBot in any chat and get an instant summarised response.

* DocBot is a premium beta feature and limited to only paying institutions

Tired of manually inputting patient details? So are we...

AI-driven Patient ID Scanner 📷


Point the DocComs Camera at any text containing patient details and DocComs will automatically determine what is gender, hospital number, DofB etc. all in a matter of seconds. It's almost like magic!


Patient-centric messaging 


No longer do conversations have be in silos and dissociated from the patient. Link everything on DocComs back to patient details for traceability.


Create an eco-system where patient media flows between all strata of healthcare and decisions are not just based on phone calls.

Smart Lists

With DocComs, multiple teams and individuals can have concomitant discussions all associated with the patient record.

Want to learn more? Contact us

Or why not just start using DocComs?

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