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Protecting Patient Data 🔐

Security in DocComs

We verify users and use a network model to enable DocComs to scale beyond institutional boundaries

Standards met by our solutions


✅   NHS Data Security Protection Toolkit

✅   CyberEssentials

✅   GDPR

✅   UK G-Cloud 13

Why you can trust deploying DocComs into your institution?

Data is encrypted at rest on your mobile device, in transit, and on the DocComs servers


Your data is stored in UK-only data centres

Approved under the stringent compliance and security requirements of NHS Digital / DTAC

Both app and servers are regularly penetration tested to ensure data is protected from attackers


Find colleagues within and beyond institute.


Break organisational boundaries and create your own trust network.

Securely discover and connect with clinicians from different hospitals without sharing personal details

Organisational verification can be configured to meet specific rules set by your organisation

Powerful network effects help you to safely find the right clinicians on the DocComs network

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Or why not just start using DocComs?

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