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An award winning multi-disciplinary team 

We are all united by common goal to make clinicians lives easier through the power of efficient communication and novel patient data flow solutions. By staying close to our users and partners, we are constant improving our products to deliver outstanding digital experiences.

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CEO / Co-Founder

Roseanna Jaggard

With a background in law and commercial real-estate for one of the largest firms in the UK, Rosie is business leader who understands the healthcare problem from a unique non-clinical perspective: as the spouse of a doctor and parent.

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Chief Medical Officer / Co-Founder

Matt Jaggard

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with a PhD in Big Data analytics, Matt recognised the broken communication systems at the frontline of the NHS. In the absence of any good solutions, Matt had a light bulb moment and founded DocComs.

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Chief Technology Officer

Steve Mayne

A tech leader with almost 30 years of industry experience, Steve oversees every aspect of the DocComs architecture with pain-staking detail, ensuring our products are built from the bottom-up to be scaleable, secure and state-of-the-art.

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Chief Innovation Officer

Uddhav Vaghela

A trainee academic orthopaedic surgeon and serial entrepreneur, who previously founded an award-winning medical device start-up, Uddhav supports everything from commercial strategy to product implementation and useability.

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Chief Product Officer

Karen Wong

A former Silicon Valley executive who has spent 20+ years helping companies - including a few Fortune 100s - build products used by hundreds of millions of users. Karen figures out how  DocComs can give you superpowers at work, and in life.

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Junior Software Developer

Isaac Copson

Initially onboarded to DocComs on as a part-time QA analyst whilst studying for his master's in Data Science, Isaac is now collaborating with our CTO on backend and frontend projects as a full-time junior software developer.

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Regulatory and Compliance Lead

Michael Bell

With over 25 years of experience in the technology industry and healthtech startups, Michael has worked with NHSX, the NHS and various healthcare and healthtech providers. He specialises in Data Governance, Information technology and Interoperability.

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Senior Backend Developer

John Botibol

Joining DocComs since its inception, John is our guru for the backend, monitoring and evolving DocComs to have a smooth and reliable service.  He has over 30 years engineering experience, with particular expertise Microsoft .Net and Xamarin.

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Our advisory board 


Director of Partnerships / NHS

Ron Agble

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HealthTech Entrepreneur / DICT8

James Fellowes

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Consultant Gastroenterologist / HCA 

Sean Preston

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Tech Leader / TPXimpact

Rachel Neaman

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Guide the future of healthcare comms

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