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Simple. Secure. Fast. 

Data-driven clinical communications to elevate patient care


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DocComs is for teams

Breaking care boundaries 

DocComs pervades the digital boundaries imposed by large institutional EPRs and enables clinicians to find one another both within and between organisations for seamless patient care. Create multidisciplinary teams, find colleagues by their speciality and location, and have all your patient information on hand with EPR integration.


DocComs is for individuals

Create your personal workflow


With the DocComs Camera  take patient images without back-up to your personal gallery and use to DocComs Secure Gallery for retrospective review. Create personal patient lists to keep track of your workload and use your personal chat to ask our your AI clinical companion DocBot any questions 

DocComs is for integration


Built from the bottom-up for interoperability, DocComs can make crucial decision making captured in patient discussions visible on the EPR for traceability and draw live patient information like allergies and vital signs onto DocComs.

work-life balance


Unlike WhatsApp, no longer do you have to share your personal mobile number with colleagues. Connect with the option to hide contact methods and mute notifications when off-duty. With status and roles, people around you know when to contact you and @messaging enables selective notification to only relevant people

innovative AI tools


The best implementations of AI simplify human workload and can be harnessed intuitively. That's why DocBot can assimilate all of an institution's guidelines and protocols, and with a simple natural language query provide a focussed response. Similarly, unbeknownst to the user, the DocComs Camera uses state-of-the-art computer vision technology to convert a live feed of patient details from a label or the EPR screen into automatically populated details on DocComs.

Certified. Secure. Always.

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DocComs complies with all GDPR Standards.

DocComs is accepted onto the UK G-Cloud 13.

DocComs is Cyber Essentials certified.

DocComs is DSP Toolkit & DTAC certified.


Made by a team of award-winning clinicians, entrepreneurs and software engineers. 

We understand the problem of medical communication and radically shifting it to a platform solution acceptable for all.

Learn more about the team working hard to solve this global problem.

Supported by leading accelerators and organisations

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“DocComs provides me with the confidence my patient discussions, whether it be chats or clinical images, are securely shared with colleagues. But crucially, what I love about it compared to WhatsApp is it separates my personal and clinical life.”

Junior Doctor, United Kingdom

Switch over to the new generation of healthcare communication

Connecting clinicians and breaking down organisational barriers for easy and secure patient care 

Get in touch with us to implement DocComs at your workplace, or simply tell us what we can do better

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